Cold formed parts

Cold forging is mass forming in which hollow as well as solid bodies can be manufactured in a multi-stage manufacturing process (multi-station presses). The material is turned into a flowing state by subjecting to high pressure. A die presses the raw work-piece through a form giving cavity having a smaller dimension. The manufacturing takes place using 4 to 6 stage presses and can hence manufacture products with complicated geometries and a high deforming degree. It can achieve high strain hardening so that work-pieces of non-alloy steel have strength measures that are otherwise given only for alloyed steel. Cold impact extrusions are primarily used in the automobile industry Advantages of cold impact extrusion.

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Advantages of cold formed parts

  • high dimensional accuracy
  • high surface quality
  • continuous fibre orientation by changing form
  • efficient procedure for mass production


  • Sleeves
  • stepped bolts
  • Screws to drawing