Responsible use of natural resources

We have made it our business to ensure that the natural resources, which are made available to us by the environment, are used responsibly and to spare them as much as possible even beyond the legal requirements. Hence our environmental management meets all requirements of DIN EN ISO 14001. The international environmental management standard ISO 14001 stipulates globally recognised requirements of an environmental management system and is part of a family of standards. This family of standards includes numerous other standards in various fields of the environmental management such as eco-balance, environmental figures or environmental performance evaluation. ISO 14001 focuses on an continuous improvement process as the means to achieve the defined objective with regard to the environmental performance of an organisation. The continuous improvement process is based on the method Plan-Do-Check-Act, PDCA:

  • Plan: Defining the objective and processes in order to implement the environmental policy of the organisation
  • Do: implementing the processes
  • Check: Monitoring the processes with regard to legal and other requirements as well as objectives of the environmental policy of the organisation; if required publishing the environmental performance (the success of the organisation with regard to its environmental measures)
  • Act: If necessary, the processes must be corrected (adapted)

For this, an internal environmental policy, environmental objectives and an environmental program is defined in the company and a corresponding management system has been formed.

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Environmental policy

It goes without saying for the management board as well as for every employee of KPO that we adhere to the legal environmental directives and moreover try to do a little more for maintaining our environment with the following measures:

  • environmental officer for continuously checking the compliance of all the directives
  • an internal environmental management system
  • paperless administration
  • regular training of all employees on environmentally compatible behaviour

KPO hence fulfils all the requirements in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001.

It is our objective to execute all the processes as environmentally-friendly as possible taking into consideration the economic factors. Existing and planned processes are hence systematically checked with regard to their environmentally-friendliness so as to minimise the environmental hazards. The following procedure shall apply here:

  • Efficient planning of the use of all the resources such as air, water, energy and raw materials
  • Supporting our partners in activities related to environmental protection
  • Returning the resources into materials cycle
  • Considering the environmental requirements of our customers
  • Checking via internal and external audits

Consequent further development

We are not content to rest on our laurels. Together with our employees and external consultants, we are always creating new concepts that ensure that our processes become even more environment-friendly.

“Sustainable corporate management is not just possible, rather it is being lived by us.”
Stefan Pott, KPO Schrauben und Normteile GmbH