Conveyor technology


Use synergies - connect products Be it conveyor systems, driverless or manned floor conveyors, they are all reliable transport systems that make work easier and offer saving potential. We want to help and support our customers everywhere, where we are needed. Thanks to four decades of market presence, we could gather numerous experiences that we would always like [...]


Automobile -a product that moves objects Today we can no longer imagine life without cars. There has hardly been any product that moves and excites people since more than 100 years. Even for this reason, the branch of automobile manufacturing is one of the most important branches of our economy. Automobile manufacturers as well as suppliers are already a [...]


Success with a system As system-provider for connection technology, we shall permanently keep more than 60,000 different articles in stock of the DIN and standard parts format. For you this means numerous screws, nuts, flat washers, special parts and many other products are available flexible and quickly and that too at absolutely competitive prices. On demand, we shall [...]


Your all-round carefree package Bolts, hexagonal screw heads, flat washers, safety screws, self-tapping screws, nuts, drilling screws, special parts and drawing parts and much more can be found in our product range. Cover your requirement comfortably, get your parts packed with installation sets and reap benefits from our high supply-readiness and flexibility. Because you are ideally positioned with [...]


Connections for everybody Very few branches can do without fastening elements. The same applies for the fields of cooling and air-conditioning technology as well as sanitary and heating technology because a large part of our customers come from these fields. As a longstanding partner of these branches, we are your supplier in the matter of fastening technology. From [...]

Shelf systems

Shelf and storage systems or even shop-fitting? From pallet racks to shelving systems for the small ones up to shop-fitting systems. The requirements are mostly the same. The fastening technology has to satisfy a variety of requirements. Reliable, safe or decorative - everything is possible. You will definitely find the optimal fastening solution for your application in our [...]

Metal processing

Iron, sheet metal and metal processing As a full-range provider in the field of connection elements, we are the central contact persons for diverse companies in the fields of iron, sheet metal and metal processing. As a strategic partner, we shall supply fasteners of every type. Our diverse product range extends from hexagonal screw heads to safety nuts [...]


Strong connections for safe transportation Be it packaging of export goods, hazardous goods, for air freight security or customised productions such as protection of construction objects - they all need forms of connection elements. KPO is already established in the market since a few years and hence is central point of contact for the fastening technology. As a [...]

Tool industry

Custom-made connections Starting with stamped and bent parts, to sealing elements, standard or DIN parts, turning and milling parts or hot and cold forging parts, we fulfil every requirement of yours quickly and without complications. Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of tool industry and avail our stocking offer. This way, we guarantee permanent [...]

Cableway system

Passenger accommodations across the mountains For a long time now cableways are no longer connecting just mountains and valleys. They can now be found in almost every habitat. Thanks to the high security and comfortable means of travel, the cableways form the economic backbone of many ski areas and mountainous regions. As system-provider for fastening technology, we are the [...]


Optimal fastening of fall protection of every type Internal or external area, staircase or bridge railing, wood or metal staircase. The choice of fall protections is huge and the sustainable and qualitative fastening plays an important role here. Because railing is primarily still considered as a fall protection, even if the visual appearance is becoming more and more [...]

Steel construction

Steel and light metal construction In the field of metal construction, we offer a wide spectrum of connection elements. From steel construction screws to HV garnitures to locating screw, we guarantee reliability, flexibility and first-class service. Do your objects pose special requirements from the fastening technology due to weather conditions etc.? No problem! Thanks to the most modern [...]


Furniture - a lifestyle product Gelsenkircher baroque, Biedermeier or even Art deco. With numerous styles, everyone is guaranteed something here. We cater for the right halto. Not only do the connections have to fit but the visual effects also play an important role. And even here we have the right solution ready for you. You can get our [...]


Connections for thermoplastic materials The lightweight construction comes more and more into focus of many branches because thermoplastic materials are a good alternative. Even in the field of plastics technology we offer optimal connection elements for your fastenings. We can provide safe and reliable direct screw connection in thermoplastic materials.


Pooling expertise Resulting from handicrafts – combined in machine and plant construction. A classic branch with extensive expert knowledge in which many engineers and technicians rise to the rapidly changing challenges. You have the requirements - we have the connections. So that you can complete your projects successfully even in the future, we have by default stocked more [...]


Elevator and escalator construction Whether at 1010 m per minute or unhurriedly, an elevator is a comfortable solution for covering height vertically. Another technical option for covering distance is an escalator, which can be used to cover distances horizontally as well as vertically. The two have one thing in common - they vastly simplify our ascent and descent. [...]

Rail transport

Rail transport and technology Be it on the way to work, when on a holiday, when shopping or during other occasions - the railway connects almost all the locations and areas. For this reason, many people resort to this means of transport. Because of this, this branch is the most important part of our economy. KPO has a [...]


Everyday helper There are numerous household devices that make our private as well as professional lives easier or enjoyable. We don’t want you to live without it. The choice of devices in our portfolio of products and services is very versatile. We want to make our customers’ lives easier. For this reason, we offer different services, appropriate connections [...]


Environment protection There are various technological procedures to protect the environment as well as to restore the already damaged ecosystem. With our products in the field of connection elements, we ensure that the system and products of our customers function smoothly and carry out their task to maintain the environment. We shall be happy to provide an optimal [...]


Renewable energy - still a growing market By 2050 80% of the power supply is supposed to take place through renewable energies. This requires a continuous and maximum sustainable integration into the power-supply system. For smooth processing from the beginning of the planning to the end of the installation, we shall be happy to provide our expertise in [...]


The changing sports and recreation industry While previous sports such as football, tennis and athletics enjoyed great popularity, the people today are more open to “new” sports types. Now there are numerous options to keep yourself fit or to enjoy recreational activities. Even our portfolio of the connection technology is as varied as the offer. As a longstanding contact [...]

Traffic technology

Safety comes first In order to make the roads even more secure, we keep large quantities of DIN and standard parts ready for you on 50,000 m² storage surface. However we are happy to offer our customers an additional stock pile of the required annual requirement so that permanent availability is ensured. This way we create conditions for [...]

Two-wheeled vehicle

Enjoy the freedom Do you notice the wind that blows towards to? Do you sense the feeling of freedom? Then you are surely on the go with a bicycle. Nowadays the offer is so multifaceted that the right bicycle is really available for every type and occasion. Be it a trekking bicycle, e-bike, motorcycle, small moped or the good [...]