Dun & Bradstreet and Creditreform Iserlohn certify KPO as a trustworthy and solid business partner.

“We are proud of these awards, which qualify us as particularly trustworthy and reliable business partners” says Stefan Pott, CEO of KPO Schrauben und Normteile GmbH.

 KPO has received “CrefoZert”

For the first time, creditreform Iserlohn has bestowed a Creditworthiness Certificate to companies of the Maerkisch area. Creditreform Iserlohn Wick KG has bestowed upon KPO Schrauben und Normteile GmbH the still new Creditreform Creditworthiness Certificate (CrefoZert). This way the Creditreform certifies that the company has solid creditworthiness. The basis of the certification is a professional balance sheet analysis conducted by Creditreform AG. This includes the data of the latest business information as well as evaluations of the present situation and future perspectives, which are ascertained in a personal poll.

“With CrefoZert, we would like to offer small and medium-sized companies an option to document their own creditworthiness against the customers, suppliers and banks”, explains Gabriele Wick, Managing Director of Creditreform Iserlohn. “The drastic increase in the insolvencies has stirred up mistrust in suppliers and investors and led to more stringent criteria in risk management”, continues Wick. KPO Schrauben und Normteile GmbH was again awarded with CrefoZert for the year 2015.