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KPO | Your partner for fasteners

With ever-increasing customer base, KPO has established itself for years on the market and is Strategic partner reputable suppliers and manufacturers .


Mobility plays an increasingly important role in these fast-moving times. This includes the most diverse transportation means in order to reach the target. Reliable suppliers are a must in the production of these transportation means. That is why we have specialised in this field.


Machine and plant construction, conveyor technology, furniture or tool industry, shelf and storage systems or even drive technology? The application fields of the fastening technology in the industry are multi-faceted. Our range offers the correct connection for every field of application.

Building technology

From fittings and tapes to electronic installations, communication technology, banister and staircase construction, measurement technology, regulation and control technology, sanitary technology, air-conditioning technology or heating technology up to household devices, our products are used in numerous products.

Other sectors

Our fastening technology is also present in other diverse products. Such as in electric tools, sports equipment, lawn movers, cleaning machines or in energy production such as solar plants. Since the beginning of the company history, even the production-related trade is one of our customers.

KPO drives you

We offer first-class service that is tailored to your individual needs.

Looking for a reliable supplier? Here we are!

KPO is a powerful and reliable system supplier for fastening technology, which provides both DIN and standard parts as well as special and drawing parts. We will help you to meet your needs for fasteners by optimized costs and logistic.

Why you should choose us?

  • Full-range with more than 60,000 items in stock
  • DIN and standard parts and also drawing parts are available
  • best Service for individual needs
  • specialist advice due to specialized know-how
  • highest quality standards
  • certificated by DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001 and VDA 6.2
  • 100% reliable and trustworthy
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More than 45 years of experiences

KPO | system provider for fastening technology

Continuity, experience and quality are values, that dexcribe our daily actions perfectly. As trusted and reliable business partner we are certified and rated.

About us

45 years excellent connections in almost every sector, to different characters and companies. Learn more about KPO, our visions and values and what makes us different to our competitors.


Customer satisfaction is the criterion for our success. To achieve our goals, our quality assurance department works meticulously on high quality products. Our awards are the best sign for the hard and good work we perform.


To stay on the cutting edge, KPO is a regular participant at major trade shows. And we are always happy about conversation with our customers and suppliers, so visit us at the following fairs and events.


The heart and the soul of KPO are the employees who facilitate and expand the achieved success with passion, expertise and meticulousness. We are happy, when we get a chance to enrich our team with motivated people.

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